Company Overview & Core Values

  • Company Overview

    Navifreight serves as an intermediary between government and commercial shippers and trucking companies. Our role is helping to match up goods that need transported with carriers who possess the capacity to move that freight at a fair price for all parties involved. We believe freight shippers, trucking companies, and transportation brokers should coexist and work as partners. This is the most sustainable model for all parties in the shipping community.

Our Core Values



Always engage with people in a truthful, fair and sincere way. For you to be successful, people must trust you and never feel compelled to question your intentions or actions.



Hold yourself to high ethical and moral standards and never fall victim to opportunities or offers that run contrary to those qualities. It is never worth compromising yourself in the long run.



Through a combination of your skill, available resources and good judgment, strive to deliver exceptional results every time. Remember proper grammar, spelling and an appropriate vocabulary when communicating with others should be the norm not the exception.



Own and take care of your responsibilities each day, acknowledge mistakes proactively, learn from those mistakes, and mentor other team members on how to avoid repeating these mistakes in the future.



Treat everyone even better than you would like to be treated whether they return the courtesy or not. When interacting with customers, carriers, peers or management, polite is right.